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Last week none of us got on a trail: some were out of town, I was out sick. Today, we didn’t have too much time, so we chose a shorter trail: Rattlesnake Ledge. To make up for the shorter distance we struck a quick stride up the mountain, good cardio.
The ledge offers a pretty view over the Snoqualmie valley, North Bend and quite dominantly Mt Si. But today all we could admire was fog with an occasional glimpse of the lake. But hiking through the misty forest does have its charms and with the abundant green and mosses it looks like an enchanted forest.


Distance: 4mi / 6.4km roundtrip
Elevation gain:  1159ft / 348m
High point: 2079ft / 623m
Hiking time: 45min up; 35 min down
Weather: cloudy, foggy, some fine drizzle; ~50 at TH

Marjan, Mohsen, David


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