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Wed 6/25 – Mount Si again

Wonderful summer day, but hazy horizon with Mt. Rainier sporting its own cloud collar. We had an amazing fast mile average (24min) for the middle part, but on the top mile my 35lbs load did win and we were back to slower speeds.
We enjoyed the gorgeous view over Snoqualmie valley, cheese, salami, fruit, wine and each others company on the summit until sunset. On the way down we discussed the “essentials” we’d need for the Wonderland trail: italian espresso cooker, champagne in cans, … that backpacking trip promises to be lots of fun 🙂


Distance: 8mi / 13km roundtrip
Elevation gain:  3400ft / 1020m
High point: 3980ft / 1194m
Hiking time: 2:00 up, 2hrs down
Weather: sunny, 75 at TH

Marjan, David


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